Fact + Fiction is a vegan brand therefore no animal products are used in production. 

We opt to use PU (polyurethane) for our leather look bags as it is less harmful for the environment than PVC and our fabrics do not contain any azo dyes. We also use nylon and polyesters and continuously research into new sustainable and recycled materials to improve our range. From Spring 2020, we will be introducing 100% recycled linings into our range that are made of waste plastic bottles and accredited by the Recycling Standard  Association. 

The patented anti odour technology we use in our bags is made from sustainable sources and we are very proud that it is manufactured here in the United Kingdom. 

Our Supply Chain 

Our collections are produced in South China, in a small high quality factory we’ve had a long-standing relationship with for over 15 years and who make for other respected worldwide brands. We value their staff as craftspeople, each skilled in  their role and contribution to bringing our products to life.  We only collaborate with factories that are in line with our values and ethics, and stand by the mantra of our factory owner Edward - "Happy worker, happy life". 

Each season, new styles are put through their paces by all of our team, friends and family in in our daily lives to ensure our bags can stand up to the demands of our customers.  By doing this, we make sure that our bags are as functional and durable as they can be. 

Recycling + Upcycling

We have a commitment to reducing landfill through recycling and up-cycling. Bags that cannot be sold due to faults are repaired by us where possible and donated  to charitable causes including community projects, charities and refuges, so we can extend their lifecycle. If you would like to donate your bags to us at the end of their life to be renewed and benefit someone else, please contact us at to arrange your return with us. Alternatively, you can donate directly at 

Our packaging is recyclable, so please ensure that this is disposed of correctly to ensure it can be reused or recycled to carry on its lifecycle.