A well-stocked baby bag is a new mum essential! But what do you really need to pack in a diaper bag? What do you need to carry with you when you're out and about with baby? And what should you look for in a changing bag? 

The essentials

  • Diapers / Nappies 
    One for each hour you're planning to be out, plus a few extra – just in case! We pack ours in our flatten down special compartment so they are easy to access from the rest of the baby bag 
  • Wipes
    Wipes are perfect not just for diaper changes, but also for sticky hands and dirty surfaces.
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Changing mat 
    We sell our matching baby mats to go with our stylish diaper bags. Things to look for in a baby mat? They should be easy to clean, easy to carry and fit neatly into your new baby bag. 
  • Plastic or biodegradable bags
    For storing soiled diapers, clothes, and baby blankets. Just make sure your child can't get to them, since plastic bags (including the biodegradable versions) pose a suffocation risk.
  • Bottle(s) of formula or expressed breast milk if you're bottle-feeding
  • Snacks (for older babies and toddlers - and yourself!)
  • Sippy cup of milk, water, or juice (for toddlers)
  • Blanket
    You can use it to cover your baby or as a changing pad, nursing cover, bib, shade, or burp cloth.
  • Extra clothes for your child
    Our clever compartmentalised system means you can keep them within easy reach but separate to your mum essentials to keep everything organised 
  • Dummy (if your child uses one) or other comfort item like a teddy

The extras

  • Nappy rash cream
    We love a good organic one but the high street ones are great too! 
  • Tissues
  • Nursing cover
    For breastfeeding in public, these fabric drapes cover your chest and give more privacy than the basic blanket-over-the-shoulder approach.
  • Breast pads for nursing moms
    Slip these in your bra to absorb breast milk leaks.
  • Toys, board books, and crayons and coloring pages or paper
    Choose toys based on your outing and your child's age. A toddler going to a restaurant often requires a lot of entertaining distractions, while a 4-month-old may be happy with one rattle.
  • First-aid kit
    You may want to include adhesive bandage strips, antibiotic cream, pain reliever, and other first-aid supplies.

Mummy Must-Haves 

Who wants to carry two bags everywhere you go? With our clever compartments you can carry baby stuff separately to mum essentials!

  • We always have a pair of dark glasses in ours
  • A good multi purpose balm for lips and cheeks 
  • A multi use make up stick that we can slick across, eyes, cheeks and lips
  • Lavender essential oil roll on - good for stress if you or your little ones feel overwhelmed! 

Diaper bag tips

    • A waterproof lining makes life easier when spills occur. All our bags are water resistant as standard! 
    • Multiple compartments can keep your items organised and easy to find - all our range comes with clever compartmentalised design as standard that keeps your day organised and stress free 
    • Save time by packing similar items together, such as clothing, in a resealable bag.
    • Sometimes the best diaper bags are those that are designed for other purposes!  Our bags were originally designed for the gym as a smart gym tote bag, but mums loved them so much that we changed our name to Fact + Fiction in 2017! Our range of multi functional bags are perfect for wherever your day takes you! Shop now https://shopfactandfiction.com/collections