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What Do You Need to Look For in a Gym Bag?

Written by Helena Searcaigh


Posted on September 24 2019

Here are our must haves for every gym bag (plus a few luxury items to stow away just in case), as well as what to look out for in the best gym bags! 

Before taking the time to pack your gym bag, consider whether your current bag fits your needs. Even if your bag looks sporty, it doesn't make sense to lug around a bag that is too big or to cram everything into a bag that is too small. Been there, tried that! The right-sized gym bag will carry all of the things you need and be mobile enough to carry onto a bus or tube if needed. If you need to carry a laptop as well, you don't want to be carrying around two bag! Choose a gym bag that has laptop space, or a stylish laptop backpack. You can check out our range of laptop backpacks and gym bags with shoe space here 

If you plan to shower at the gym, consider getting a bag with separate wet and dry compartments (including one for your cell phone and MP3 player). All our range is compartmentalised, meaning that you can keep wet/dry gear separate and smell free. 

While fashion is important, always opt for bags that are breathable to avoid mildew and musty odours. Our range also comes with anti bacterial linings to keep everything fresh, plus a separate compartment for your trainers! 

Our top 5 gym bag must haves: 

1. Spare pair of socks 

2. Spare hairbands 

3. Earphones 

4. Multi-tasking hair and body wash 

5. Resistance band 

What do you pack in yours?!