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Our Top Tips on How To Be A Stylish Mama

Nicola Kearney

Posted on February 19 2019

Being a mum is hard, you need clothes that work as hard as you do and that you don't have to think about! Want to know the secrets on how to be a stylish mama? Here are our top tips! 

1. Buy smart 

Buy pieces that are decent quality and that you can wear again and again. You don't need many pieces - just good ones that work together well! Good jeans, (support) leggings and a decent set of T shirts can go a long way. We team our basics with low heeled ankle boots and pretty flats. 

2. Stick to a colour palette 

Fashion of the season lime green? It might look great in the magazines, but in real life? We stick to a palette that mixes and matches well. For us, that means a neutral mix of greys, khakis, blacks and whites. 

3. Throw ons are your friend 

Throw on cardis and coats can totally transform your look in a second, plus they are no faff!  We love a cute faux fur cardi over leggings and a t shirt. 

4. Don't be afraid to accessorize! 

We personally love a hat - they can transform even the most simple outfit in seconds. We also love the headscarf trend, a simple way to pretty-up anything, Accessories are also a great way to add colour any outfit. Also get your self a pair of sunglasses that you LOVE because hi dark circles.

5. A baby bag that goes with every outfit

Keep your life simple with one bag that does it all, and that goes with whatever outfit you choose. After a baby changing backpack? Or is a stylish baby tote bag more your style? Shop our range of outfit friendly baby bags here