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Our 5 top tips to switch off from work

Helena Searcaigh

Posted on July 26 2017

Let’s be honest, work takes up a lot of time in our lives… but why should we let it stress us out and keep us up at night? Here are the Fact + Fiction team top tips to switch off after a long day/week at work! 

Press the ‘Off’ button on your laptop, computer, phone, ipad, tablet…everything!

Yes, we know this seems impossible! When you get in from work - or down tools if you’re working from home - time to yourself is 100% needed, a ‘mental break’. This is so important in avoiding mental burnout. You’re a human being and not a robot. Just turn everything off, grab a cuppa - or maybe something stronger - and chill. Don’t focus on emails or social media, focus on your environment, people you’re living with and enjoy the peace! Keep it present and let go of the urge to check that Insta feed.

Exercise/Fresh Air

Getting out in nature is a proven de-stresser and one of our fave ways to switch off. If you can, try and stay present during the walk – focusing on a cloud or a tree can help as a mini meditation. Time with nature can really revive the soul and the mind. Its one of the top reasons that dog owners have much lower stress levels than non dog owners.

There’s a lot to be said for working out in the morning, but we like to work out in the evening post work to help us de stress. Nothing clears the mind like some interval sprints or burpees!


Planning fun into your diary

After or during a long week or day at work, it’s always nice to know you have something to look forward to. Schedule time with friends and family to break up the week from work and enjoy a different topic of conversation, i.e don’t talk about work!


The last thing you want to be thinking about when you’re at home is work. A great way to ‘switch off’ these thoughts is indulging in your favourite hobby or interest. It’s why the adult colouring craze is so huge, distracting your mind with something enjoyable and non harmful is the perfect way to replace worrysome work thoughts with fun. Need some inspo? We love yoga, reading clubs and cooking. 


(Proper) Sleep

Sleep is literally the best ‘switch off’ from work and the difference between a good day and a bad day! Struggling to sleep? Our favourite ways to get a good 40 winks include: a hot bath with lavender oil, ear plugs (if your partner snores these are essential!), an eye mask (light rooms make for less sleep according to science), and NO SCREENS BEFORE BED! This means no laptop, TV or phones in the bed – the light stimulus is scientifically proven to disturb and even prevent restful sleep.


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