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Helena Searcaigh

Posted on August 20 2018


A decent black gym bag should take you anywhere, including far beyond the gym. 
But how and what should you pack in it? Here's how we do it as Fact + Fiction:

1. Shoes in first 

Our trademark antibacterial and anti smell shoe pocket is flatten out. We also recommend putting your shoes or meal prep in first for ease, and then packing the rest of your kit on top. 

2. Water or shaker

All our bags come with a separate, insulated, upright bottle holder (Lea has two!) Perfect for stopping spills and for easy access when you need it - so no need to take the whole bag off if you're feeling thirsty. 

3. Kit in the main interior section 

Pack your kit in the roomy middle section. You can also add your wallet into the smaller interior zip pocket in here to keep it extra safe. This section will fit a full change of clothes, small towel and a make-up / toiletry bag - its also breathable and anti smell so you don't need to worry about sweaty kit going in! 

4. Laptop at the back 

How many gym bags come with a dedicated laptop pocket to save you carrying two bags? Slip your laptop into the padded back section (we recommend using a protective hard case when carrying your laptop) once you have your kit or change of clothes in. 

5. Phone in the easy to reach side slip pocket 

Our clever phone pocket allows you to keep your phone secure - just thread your headphones through the security loop and attach them to your phone! Its also each to reach and you don't have to take off the whole bag to access it. 

6. Keys, travel pass and snacks in the front zip section 

We don't recommend putting your wallet in here as its on the front of the bag - instead, use it for items you need to access a lot like a travel card, hand cream or lip balm. 

Our range of multifunctional, multi tasking bags are perfect for the gym and beyond. Shop the range here 

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