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Gym Bag Essentials Every Woman Needs

Helena Searcaigh

Posted on January 31 2019

Whether its a faux leather backpack or a stylish gym tote, our gym bag always has these things inside: 

1. Spare Hairbands 

We love anti snag PopBands, Skip Skinnies and Invisibobble 

2. Spare socks 

Can't tell you the amount of times we've forgotten our socks! 

3. Mini toiletries and brush 

These never leave our bag. If your gym bag has enough compartments, you'll always know where they are and will never forget them. 

4. Multi-tasking cream 

We always have a little tub of Waxelene in our bag - 100 % Vegan, its perfect for lips, dry skin, fly away hair and as a highlighter. 

5. Ibruprofen 

Got a sprain? If you take an Ibruprofen quickly enough it can help lessen injury. 

6. Resistance Band

One of our favourite workout aids, perfect for workouts on the go or when space in the gym is tight. 

7. Face Spray / Cool Down Spray 

Sometimes we just can't get rid of our post workout red face. We love Pretty Athletic's range of post work out creams and sprays as they always do the job. 

8. Snacks

Need we say more? We always have some kind of snacks stashed away! Pop them in one of our easy-access pockets so they're never far away :) 

9. Music / Headphones 

Can't workout without them! Our range of bags have many internal slip and zip pockets, perfect for storing your headphones so you never forget them. 

10. Mini Towel 

Make sure you get a bag that can carry all your essentials in style!  Our range features breathable and anti smell technology to keep sweaty kit away from clean clothes, and to stop sweat and bacteria damage to clothes. 

Check out our range of stylish gym bags and multi functional gym bags here